Nigeria 70 - The Definitive LP Edition
  • Nigeria 70 - The Definitive LP Edition

Nigeria 70 - The Definitive LP Edition

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Nur noch wenige Teile verfügbar

The label Strut makes sure - finally! - that with "Nigeria 70" one, if not the Afro classic par excellence is available again.

The tracks for "Nigeria 70" were collected during a three-week stay in Lagos. The compilation itself first appeared in 2001 in the wake of Fela Kuti's death, sparking a resurgence of interest in Afro-funk and Afrobeat among younger clubbers and music enthusiasts.

Like no other compilation before it, "Nigeria 70" introduced 15 high-caliber tracks to a time when Nigerian bands began fusing traditional indigenous styles like highlife and juju with funk, soul, rock and disco in almost explosive ways. All tracks have been remastered for the new edition.