The soul of Uganda through Song

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Soft Cover Book. 

The whole book is in English!

540 pages of music and politics of a bygone era!

3-5 Days

Book review by Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers.

Back in 2021 we heard about a book about issuing the Ugandan musical history from the independence in 1962 until the end of the Amin era. Since it could only be found in the National Museum in Kampala, copies of the book were not existent on the European market. Obviously, changes in the availability of this unique script had to be made.

Before we travelled to Uganda the next time, we got in touch with Michiel, the author of the book, because we wanted to know the person behind the book and we had a wonderful meeting and a nice conversation about music, Vinyl records and music in general. 

During this conversation the idea was born to create a new place to sell this wonderful book. We were just about to launch “Want Some Records” and what better marketplace than a Record shop focusing on African music?

Long Story short:

After several calls and some organizing, we did it. We found a nearby printing company and the first books are on their way to our office!

It´s the first time that “The soul of Uganda through song” is available in Europe! 

540 pages lovingly researched and compiled. A must have for any history and music lover.

Pre-orders are now available at Release date is October 14th, 2022.


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The soul of Uganda through...

28,03 €